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We're gearing up for production at the world's first nonprofit solar microfactory!

   26,700 TOTAL Metric Tons (MT) of     Carbon Offset per Year

      • CITY Buildings: 2,600 MT/yr

      • HOMES (Solar): 22,300 MT/yr

      • HOMES (Retrofits): 1,800 MT/yr

  • Least expensive Carbon Mitigation program of its kind in California

Expand City and State Income

      • $6,500,000/yr increase in DPI for          LMI Households in Claremont /   


      • $29,360,000 added to local retail          economy annually

      • $900,000/yr additional sales tax           revenues to City of Claremont

      • 12% Local Economic Growth

      • $5,500,000/yr sales tax revenue            to State of California

2:1 Revenue Return to the State

   763 Direct/Indirect Jobs created        for Phase I of project based on          RIMS II model (U.S. Bureau of              Economic Analysis)

     • 91 Factory/Manufacturing Jobs

     • 122 Construction Jobs

     • 550 Indirect Jobs 

• 128 On-going indirect, permanent    retail jobs for 25+ yrs

Low to Middle Income (LMI) households are being left out of the solar PV revolution.


  • CLGP will install the first 6,000 solar PV systems on LMI households, saving them $6.5 Million/yr in DPI

  • Increasing LMI household DPI is the fastest, most powerful local economic stimulus


CHERP Solar Works is Addressing California's Top 4 Priorities


“We are creating a replicable, non-profit, solar panel assembly factory that is uniting physicists, economists, City Hall, local businesses, and hundreds of local volunteers, to bring back middle-class manufacturing jobs and cut green-house gasses on a massive scale.” 
- Devon Hartman  |  President and CEO of CHERP Inc.

CHERP Solar Works is a program of 
CHERP Inc.  a 501(c)(3) public charity

CHERP Champions

“WBe one of the first homeowners with BrilliantPV™ modules on their rooftop and help initiate the first nonprofit solar factory in the world.

We invite you to participate in one of the most exciting Renaissance opportunities of our lifetime. Never before have technology and sustainable energy come together to disrupt the current global climate change trajectory so impactfully. Helping CHERP through this final campaign push makes you one of the founders in this unique movement.




CHERP Solar Works is a project of CHERP Inc.,
a 501(c)(3) non-profit, public charity

112 Harvard Ave. #344, Claremont, CA 91711

Email: or Tel: 623-628-7778

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