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Thomas Pathe



Thomas Pathe was born and raised in Southern California, receiving a BFA from Art Center College of Design, Pasadena in 1991.

He is currently living and working in the Pomona Arts Colony and has been for over twenty years.


The work is intended to be both strong and seductive, communicating on a gut level with the observer.  Layers of paint and varnish/resin unite with their sculpted surfaces to present color as a physical experience.  Some of the colors I paint with have an intimate relation to the body. Many of the colors are taken from products. and food substances that I was raised on or around, such as mayonnaise, cherries, peanut butter, etc.. 


Non-food items like skin, dust and even smog have also become paintings. When a hue is decided upon, the item, substance, or living thing, is digitally scanned and translated into paint and ultimately synthesized in the painting itself. The work conflates specific colors of common objects with a type of sculptural formalism. It combines the disciplines of both painting and sculpture to convey colors that invite meditation and contemplation.

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