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idealPV™: The Most Advanced Solar PV Technology Available

CHERP Solar Works is made possible by the advanced solar technology of idealPV™. idealPV™ solar panels are a low cost, high reliability alternative to conventional modules.


idealPV™ takes the heat out of solar. Heat that was never supposed to be there. idealPV's patented solar panel technology is based on the discovery of the Law of Forward Only Zero Hot Spot (FOZHS).

Please visit the idealPV LLC website to learn more about their breakthrough solar technology.

Field Study Results:

idealPV™ vs Conventional


24.66% more energy produced than conventional

•Out produced conventional every day in all weather

•Hot Spots (reverse-bias) observed in conventional

•Zero Hot Spots (reverse-bias) observed in idealPV

Note: idealPV™ test array has 4% less silicon overall and uses panels with varying efficiencies (2@17.2%, 1@15.6%), and less overall efficiency by 5.6% than the conventional array (with all three panels at 18.1%).

Photovoltaic Hot-Spot Detection for Solar Panel Substrings
Abstract - "Hot spotting is a problem in photovoltaic (PV) systems that reduces panel power performance and accelerates cell degradation. In present day systems, bypass diodes are used to mitigate hot spotting, but it does not prevent hot spotting or the damage it causes."

IEE Transactions

White Paper

Efficiency, low cost, simplicity, reliability, and safety
  • No hot spots: Longer production lifetime by reducing materials aging, mechanical stress, and heat cycling.

  • Only cell efficiency matters: Reduce cost by eliminating the reverse bias requirements of conventional panels.

  • Reduces internal wiring and other losses: Improves efficiency, relaxes costs on internal wiring and connections.

  • Reduces risk of igniting and spreading fire.

  • Turns off when disconnected: Reduces risk of high voltage shock to fire, repair, and installation personnel.

  • Improves ac power yield, reduces electrical stress, simplifies site planning.

  • Dirt or shadows that affect one module do not impair any other.

  • MPP matches any power idealPV or any other 60-cell module: Allows for future replacement and upgrades.

  • Maximizes usable roof by tolerating shadows (from vents, chimneys, trees) and can tolerate multiple headings on one string using the same inverter.

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