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Solar Panel Redux - CHERP's Ability To Bring New Life Into Solar

CHERP has the ability to make what is old and damaged new again. Solar cells often experience damage or have manufacturing flaws, features that once rendered them unusable and obsolete. The technology used by CHERP, designed by idealPV LLC, can rescue solar cells, bringing them back into use for affordable, effective, and ecological gains.

Safety concerns about imperfect solar cells, especially with respect to hotspots, often lead to rejection from the marketplace. Solar cells with unmatched output, impurities, shunts, or micro-cracks - all of which increase the number and severity of hot spots in solar panels - get cast aside by manufacturers.

Solar cells affected by these issues can be reused by CHERP and brought back into the fold. The idealPV™ technology eliminates the hotspot risk, allowing CHERP to make use of these unwanted cells. While the solar panel industry as a whole has implemented bypass schemes to solve hotspot problems, idealPV’s Forward Only Zero Hot-Spots (FOZHS) technology and unique panel architecture prevents weakened cells from overheating, thus hindering the overall efficacy of the panel.

We’re establishing partnerships with manufacturers and distributors to repurpose those damaged, flawed, and discarded solar cells and other components deemed insufficient for other solar panels. Damaged and imperfect solar cells can be donated to CHERP, not only cutting down on waste, but also allowing for the cheaper, streamlined creation of a new panel.

Solar cell manufacturers can donate materials to CHERP, benefiting from tax credits and positive public relations alike. The federal tax code offers guidance for determining the value of donated property, although the benefits extend far beyond financial remuneration. Studies find charitable donations and corporate outreach boosts internal morale within an organization while simultaneously fostering customer loyalty and brand awareness.

Building connections among solar energy entities, while simultaneously expanding access to solar systems is just one more benefit CHERP offers. If you’re interested in donating materials to CHERP, contact Jason Flejter at


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