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VIDEO: Board of Advisors Meeting - May 8th, 2019

Devon Hartman and Kent Kernahan at May 8, Board of Advisors Meeting

Video Contents:

Intro   0-4:45

Student Committee Presentations

Government and Policy   4:45

Health/Energy Nexus   8:57

Strategic Media  13:20

Community Engagement 17:57

Factory Design  23:58

Regional Economic Stimulus 32:47

Prof. Richard Worthington 37:36

LGP’s Strategic Advantage

Devon Hartman- Overview of Strategic Advantage    45:39

Kent Kernaghan - The Most Advanced Solar Panel in the World    56:30

Devon Hartman - Unique Power of the Non-Profit   1:01:00

Devon Hartman - New Localism   1:08:44

Devon Hartman - Environmental Injustice   1:15:29

Give-Get-Serve 1:16:36

Student Film: "How LGP Builds Community Wealth"  1:32:10   


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