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CLGP Conference at Harvey Mudd 12/9/17

CLGP Conference


Prototype Celebration

​Dec 9, 1-4pm

Harvey Mudd College

Shanahan B460 Teaching and Learning Center

301 Platt Blvd, Claremont, CA

At the CLGP technology conference,talk with the tech teams and support CLGP. Presentations by: • IdealPV Technical Team • Harvey Mudd Profs & StudentsAND • Devon Hartman on a strategic plan to take Claremont to

Net ZeroThe CLGP featured presentations by:

  • Dr. Richard Haskell, Physics Professor Emeritus

  • Kent Kernahan, Inventor, idealPV

  • Harvey Mudd student technical evaluation team

  • Howard Choy, Former Sustainability Director LA County

  • Devon Hartman, CEO, CHERP and CLGP

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