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Richard Fultineer

Richard Fultineer



Education/ Training: Dick Grove School of Music, Santa Monica College, Institute of American Indian Arts/ IAIA, Private study with Nigerian Master Drummer Francis Awe, Private Study with Guinean Master Kora Player Prince Diabate, Snare Drum technic w/ Murray Spivack. Media and Live performance history: appearance in feature films-The Wedding Crashers, White on Rice, Monkey Man, Girl from Brazil/ The Carmen Miranda Story, BBC-The Eco Challenge, HBO/True Blood, History Channel’s “Project Blue Book, Universal Amphitheater w/ Kenny Loggins, 2012 Artist residency tour in Singapore with “String Theory”, 2014 tour in Abu Dhabi for United Arab Emirates with Legendary Shows production of “ Surfin’ “, Korean Peace Festival w/ Nigerian Talking Drum Ensemble, Hollywood Bowl w/ World Festival, Dontes Jazz Club w/ Scott Henderson, Typhoon w/ Ron Meza Planet Afrobeat, Los Angeles Music Center w/ Maetar, Write-off Room w/ Jason Keene and Dean Parks. 


Overview: I have spent the last 20 years, performing, teaching, and creating a rhythmically musical identity in Los Angeles, Asia, and Europe. I deeply believe that a professional currently active in the field can bring to a student information that's relevant to contemporary music. It's an exciting world out there and so many ways to experience and express the art of rhythm and time keeping! I have worked directly with children through the LA Opera Community Programs in LAUSD, Drum workshops in Miyagi Prefecture Fukushima, South Korea, and Los Angeles. Experience: My first teaching residency was at South Bay Conservatory in Torrence. I had a robust schedule of drum set students ranging from 7 to 18 yrs. of age. Within a year of that work I was offered a teaching position in the LAUSD through LA Opera Community Programs in The Schools. This was intensely valuable because I had to really think on my feet in a workshop setting with up to 40 kids at a time. I stayed with LA Opera in the schools for 4 years and then the extraordinary happened: I was offered work in Osaka performing at Universal Studios Japan. For the next year I lived in Japan, studied, performed and ate amazing food! Since that time I have returned to Japan, Singapore, and South Korea to perform. In March of 2011, Japan suffered a tsunami for the history books. Within 6 months I returned to Japan to do drum workshops for children of families in the tsunami affected area of Miyagi Prefecture. Rhythm has tremendous healing properties and I feel so much gratitude to be able to share my experience in a very global yet personal way. ここから↓ 


Methods used: Drumming and holding rhythm is about being reliable. We first talk about and experience what it feels like to be a time keeper. Our very next task is to learn technique for holding the implements in our hands for creating rhythm. Once these ideas are internalized the spark becomes the fire. We'll apply this knowledge to learn pattern work, beats, and coordination between hands and feet. I always want to emphasis function. What is the function of the drummer within the intention of the music, be it rock, jazz, funk, Latin, world, and so on. For the beginner and intermediate student Stick Control is an infinitely valuable method book for hand and feet coordination. I also enjoy seeing young student learning cool rock beats from Carmen Appice's Ultimate Realistic Rock Book Also: within the process of learning From these method books the student will learn to read rhythmic notation without fear or hesitation. It's a beautiful thing to witness! 

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