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Interested in creating Solar Energy?   Join the LGP Community!

Why Collaborate with Us?
Ways to Collaborate


Why Collaborate with Us?

Real Solutions

Only nonprofit that is talking about solutions for climate change AND offers real options for COVID recovery

  • Carbon mitigation

  • Local job creation

  • Local economic stimulus 

  • Environmental justice


Growing nonprofit with a factory setup in Pomona; others on the way - San Bernardino, Victorville, Michigan, Oregon, New Jersey

State Grant

A grant from State of Cali of $2.5M.

Political Support

    • Support of elected officials - 

      • Perhaps 2-3 test testimonials from elected officials 

How to Collaborate with Us

Become a Material Partner

  • Give examples here - throw away solar cells, inverters, equipment etc

  • Give a second life to discarded cells (recycling waste from your companies, it’s a great sustainability story)

Employee Engagement

  • Bring your employees for a volunteering experience at the factory

  • Soon we will have a network of factories throughout the country. 

  • Employees can get involved in the process of manufacturing solar panels, or help in other ways - marketing, financial modeling, accounting etc. 

  • Employee tours of factory



  • We can promote your brand to our entire network which includes a strong and growing community on social media, a large email list, 

  • Depending on support level, we offer the following: 

  • Videos + articles + podcast interview - case studies of impact 

  • Logo in our newsletter that goes to 3.5k+ engaged supporters who believe in our mission

  • Your name on the wall and/or on equipment 

  • Thank you on website 

  • Create win-win opportunities to form mutually beneficial and successful relationships 



  • Our last board of advisors meeting had more than 150 attendees, with representatives from elected officials attending as well. Our core support grows each month.

Our sponsorship packages provide unique opportunities for companies to customize their level of support based on their business and branding needs.

Download brochure for details (a form will be presented where they will have to volunteer their name and email)

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