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Marcella Sweet



I am a native of Southern California. I received my BFA From California State University Fullerton. My work is both narrative and non objective. My narrative work often contains a message or storyline. I create layered symbolism images as rubrics to illustrate my thoughts . The non objective pieces are often intuitive play. They are inspired by my love of color, textured surfaces and the microscopic world found in science and nature.

My interest in the arts began at an early age with the support of my siblings and nurtured by both parents. As long as I can remember, I have participated in both the performing and visual arts. A focused shift to the visual arts occurred a teen. The visual arts became my vehicle to express my thoughts The variety of mediums was a playground of possibilities to be explored and I was hooked! I could create visual narratives of my own. Visual art served as my new performance platform, it provide a silent exchange between the artist and the observer. I was no longer the object being judged and placed on display.  My work was a visual gift for the viewer to engage reflect and interact with. I could observe these encounters and take in the performance from the sidelines. 


While attending Mt. San Antonio College, I was fortunate to encounter Walter Mix and Tom Herberg, encouraging instructors who became influential mentors. Both introduced facets of the professional art world, the growing art community in Pomona and the rich history of artisans that had developed the Padua Art Community in Claremont. Their support and guidance was instrumental in my development and participation in art exhibits.


After obtaining my BFA from California State University Fullerton, I settled in an artist loft in the area that has now become the Pomona Arts Colony.  I  have worked over 25 years as a visual artist in the entertainment industry. During that period in my career, I was commuting from Pomona to Hollywood and singing the praises of the growing Art community east of LA. In time it became common practice for friends to come to the monthly art-walks and enjoy the energy of the multiple galleries that filled the storefronts. After purchasing a home in Pomona’s Historical district and starting a family, I was presented with the opportunity to work within the community fulfilling the dream of teaching. I was able to apply my professional experience  to the rigors of teaching in a high school setting. I became an art instructor at the newly established School of Arts and Enterprise, the charter high school located in the arts colony. Teaching brought everything full circle, it was a mashup of everything I loved with the added bonus of inspiring young minds and giving back to the community that had elevated and lifted my career path. It was a rewarding experience to see the community collaborations that transpired, implement the creation of Pomona’s Annual Chalk Festival. 


After leaving my teaching position, I went on to become the Executive Director of the dA Center for the Arts. I set out to restructure the non profit, focusing on its mission with an emphasis on community outreach. Through a collaborative effort, the Artlink After school Arts Curriculum was established. The program was a blend of performing and visual arts for all 35 of PUSD elementary and middle schools. dA became a place to host community workshops, classes and serve as a rental space for private events. I take great pride in reestablishing the community component when I filled the position of director. In its 25 years of establishment, The Pomona Art Colony has experienced a number of transformations, I’m proud to say the dA Center for the Arts continues to be a constant anchor with in the community! 


I have been honored for my contributions to the development of Pomona’s Arts Colony,  recognized as a community hero and become one of the featured artisans in the PUSD Local Legends art curriculum. No position or title brings me more happiness then the joy I receive sparking change through the creative process! I continue to paint murals annually for the Pomona County Fair and share my experiences with young artists.  I am currently employed as a Visual Artisan for the Disney Corporation painting props murals and seasonal displays that support the entertainment division of Disneyland. Outside of work, I continue to participate in exhibits, promote the arts, manage artists and mentor students. I continue to challenge myself exploring new processes and mediums. I have been blessed with a life that embodies the idea of discovering ones voice and finding salvation in art. The ability to express my thoughts feeds my soul and I definitely have one healthy appetite!!!.  

The ability to harness the beauty that surrounds us is a challenging gift, a gift that can save and forever change lives!

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