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In-Kind Donations

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Please read the descriptions thoroughly.

Jan 14, 2019

Notice to Manufacturers:

CHERP Inc. now accepting tax deductible donations of solar cells that are considered unusable due to shunts, micro-cracks, broken corners, or visual blemishes.

CHERP Inc. is dedicated to helping cities achieve net zero use of fossil fuels. As our capstone project in creating the CHERP Roadmap to Net Zero, we are opening the first non-profit solar panel assembly factory in the world dedicated to addressing our climate equity issues by installing solar PV systems on the lowest to middle income (LMI) households in our cities. Our factory, located in Pomona California, will hire hundreds of local employees and is a joint project between the Cities of Claremont and Pomona. We will be targeting low-income households and renters – the market segment currently unserved by the conventional, for-profit solar business model.....

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