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Guest Artists

Here at CHERP, we are committed to reinventing the factory environment by creating a beautiful and humane workspace. We at CHERP are proud to introduce you to some of the rich pool of artists and musicians that make up our community. We believe that an enriched factory environment will foster increased worker satisfaction and a greater connection between CHERP and the community at large.

Athena Hahn


Guest Artist, Designer & Creative Director

" Communities are bound by engagement in a dynamic cultural exchange. The arts are a place we share the beauty of our commonalities and the uniqueness of our collective experience."

Joy McAllister

Joy 2.jpeg

Guest Artist, Musician, Arts Activist

"My inspiration is the magnificent world we live in; color, light, shadow, motion, flora, fauna…EVERYTHING! My desire is to capture a moment of the amazing movement of life."


Raul Pizarro


Guest Artist, Arts Activist

"This series is a study of the stars, our bodies and the world around us looking for the similarities that bind us. "


Thomas Pathe


Guest Artist

'If  the work is able to affect the individual in a profound and meaningful way, it cannot help but add to the community that individual lives and interacts with."


Marcella Swett


Guest Artist, Educator, Social Activist

"I have been blessed with a life that embodies the idea of discovering ones voice and finding salvation in art."


Juan Thorp


Guest Artist, Arts Activist

The arts are a meeting place for all members of a community regardless of ethnicity, age, career or income. The arts bring people together..."


Tommy C Jordan


Guest Musical Artist, Composer, Instigator

"I  play music for the  same reasons anyone does anything; to bring people together collectively and individually."

John McKnight


Guest Artist,

Multi Instrumentalist

" Music is my medicine."


Screen Shot 2021-04-25 at 12.48.55

Musical Guest

"Music offers the opportunity to help others, to inspire, to heal, and to unite. And if I can do that through my work, that's when I will have truly served my purpose to the best of my potential. "

David Ralicke


Guest Musician, Multi Instrumentalist

"When people find a common sound to gather round it’s a beautiful spell."

Richard Barnes


Guest Musician, Luthier, Educator

"Music celebrates the diversity of cultures and the individuality of those  who make and engage with it."                                 

IMG_7526 copy.JPG

Jen Rosen


Guest Musician, Artist, Educator

"Music is the language of the universe. It touches us in ways that words cannot. It unites us and nourishes us. It touches our souls and hearts."

Richard Fultineer


Guest Musician Percussionist

"Music, at its best, reminds us of how perfectly beautiful the present moment is."


IMG_6143 copy.jpeg

Danny Moynahan


Guest Musician

"Music is an invitation to each of us to remember, to affirm, and to celebrate how interconnected we all are."


Simon Hill


Guest Musician


Service Human


The Band

"Service Human is a collective of musicians, artists and performers at the ready to be of service; founded by Tommy Jordan of Geggy Tah, Bumcello and Nudo Music."

                                                       - Tommy Jordan

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