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Danny Moynahan

Danny Maynahan



Singing and writing songs are some of my favorite ways to participate in the ongoing creation of the universe.

Some of the songs here have been released in album form and some have been featured in television and film.

Song placements for television include House, The Guardian, The Agency, Crazy World, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Growing Up Gotti, Jake In Progress, Six Degrees, and Party of Five.

Thirty-five years of solo and section work on saxophones, flutes, and clarinets in the studio and on stage on four continents (three to go!).

Album credits include The UntouchablesGeneral PublicString TheoryBoss KnobHouse BrewEek-A-MouseBilly Joseph, and the Guy Fluffner Memorial.


Film recording credits include Jean-Michel Basquiat-The Radiant Child, Some Other Woman, The Vicious Kind, A Perfect Man, Monkey Man, Meet the Fockers, The Asian Americans (television), Tom and Jerry (television), and Party of Five (television).

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