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Welcome to
CHERP Solar Works™

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Invest in the World's First 

Who We Are

Imagine a locally owned & operated factory that handcrafts high quality solar panels that are installed on our local rooftops.


CHERP has created the

first ever, locally-based, non-profit

solar panel assembly factory and is now incubating this model in cities across the country.  

We are building a brighter, cleaner and more community-oriented future for our communities.

Our Modules

We are manufacturing the world's most advanced solar modules in the world using idealPV licensed solar technology.


These modules:

  • Are the world's first smart, upgradable module with an onboard computer 

  • Will never create a hotspot, arc fault or cause a fire, increasing the lifespan of the module

  • Are significantly more efficient than the standard panel due to increased photon collection capabilities

  • Come equipped with advanced safety features unseen in the market today 

  • Have a lower levelized cost of energy (LCOE), making them cost competitive with other panels on the market

The CHERP Champions Program

Be a Founder of this Unique Movement

We are coming down the home stretch to get their UL Certification for both the BrilliantPV™ 330 solar module as well as the Pomona factory itself.  This is a huge final step in the process of being now able to begin full manufacturing and installing the modules for homeowners and businesses.


The issue now is the additional cost of funding these final steps.  We need your help with this final phase of the process.


We invite you to participate in one of the most exciting Renaissance opportunities of our lifetime. Never before have technology and sustainable energy come together to disrupt the current global climate change trajectory so impactfully. Helping CHERP through this final campaign push makes you one of the founders in this unique movement.

We’re asking you to sign up to be one of the first homeowners to have a BrilliantPV™ system installed on your roof by make an initial contribution that can be applied toward the total cost of your solar system installation cost. 


What you will receive when you join this program:

  • A front-line spot for a solar system installed on your home and/or business - the modules for your system will be part of the first batch we make

  • 10% off the total cost of your system

  • All of the economic benefits of generating your electricity from the Sun rather than from utilities and fossil fuel companies

  • A drastic cut in your carbon footprint, helping you personally move the needle back on global warming

  • A 30% Investment Tax Credit (ITC) on the price of your system

  • The satisfaction of knowing you've invested not only in clean energy, but in local jobs for those who've faced barriers into the workforce and a model for solar that has bring opportunity and economic revitalization to underserved communities as its core purpose

We will calculate your electricity usage needs and give you a proposal for your BrilliantPV™ solar system. We are asking for an initial $10K contribution. You decide what portion of this will go toward your system (up to 100%) or if you want any percentage of the contribution to be a direct tax-deductible donation. The remaining cost of your system will be due upon completion.
It’s that simple.

Interested in Being a CHERP Champion? 

If you're interested in becoming a CHERP Champion or want to learn more about the program, please fill out the form linked to the button below or email Tom Schwing at or Mark Branson at

We look forward to connecting with you!

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