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Claremont Locally Grown Power can create jobs, stimulate the local and state economy,

provide environmental justice for low income housing and will be the

lowest cost carbon mitigation program of its kind in the State. 

Your donations contribute to CLGP and our efforts to make Claremont the first Net Zero City in the country. 

PHASE I - Fundraising

Raise $300,000
for GEN3 Prototype Panels to be tested against conventional panels at the Harvey Mudd College Clinic Program.

PHASE II - Fundraising

Raise $1.1 Million
for Solar Panel Factory
Phase II of fundraising will allow us to rent approx. $5,000 sq. ft. of assembly space, purchase necessary equipment, tools and machinery to create work-space layout, train initial employees, purchase materials and create the first UL approved solar panels

PHASE III - Fundraising

Raise $7 Million
for Solar Panel Systems to take all 22 City of Claremont Municipal Buildings to Net Zero Energy

Nested Fundraising Phases for Completion of Phase I CLGP

Founders Circle

Silver Level
Gold Level
Platinum Level
CLGP Net Zero Hero
CLGP Angel
CLGP Solar Circle

Donate Today to be part of the Founders Circle, raising the first $300,000. 


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