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Carbon Mitigation

Finally - Affordable, Local, Carbon Mitigation at Scale
Phase I Pilot of the CHERP Solar Works Initiative will remove 26,700 TOTAL Metric Tons (MT) of Carbon Offset per Year​ from:

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  • 22 CITY BUILDINGS to NZE: 2,600 MT/yr

  • 6,000 HOMES (Solar PV): 22,300 MT/yr

  • 800 HOMES (Energy Efficiency Retrofits): 1,800 MT/yr

  • Begin replicating the local manufacturing model in other cities

The CHERP Solar Works initiative is the lowest-cost carbon mitigation program of its kind in California:

 1,000 MT GHG/year/$Million


       $33.00 per Ton/GHG

In the past, the making and selling of solar panels has been a venture capital endeavor, with roughly half of the profits going overseas to purchase the technology and the other half going to national corporations or non-local companies for distribution and installation. But the use of idealPV technology, which radically simplifies the manufacturing process, allows for the manufacturing of solar panels to be transformed into a non-profit, community-based model. This dramatically lowers the cost of mitigating carbon while boosting the local economy and creating jobs.

Just Phase I of the CHERP Solar Works initiative would mitigate 26,658 metric tons carbon/yr. - the equivalent of removing 5,700 cars from the road every year over the next 30 years. This equals an astonishing 66,000,000 vehicle miles, or 2,700 times around the earth every year for the next 30 years.

Comparing projected CHERP Solar Works carbon mitigation costs to the

California Legislative Analyst's Office Report on Spending and GHG Information, CHERP Solar Works would be 6 to 7 times more cost effective in GHG mitigation than any other program of its kind in California.

To read more about CHERP Solar Works,

the full white paper can be found HERE.

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